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Welcome to Proper Way Consultants

The main focus of the consultancy is to ensure that programs in Indigenous communities, especially those in the remote sector, are able to achieve the desired outcomes.

Living in the Central Desert town of Alice Springs and having worked in the remote sector for many years, Lenny and Carole have ensured that well-intentioned projects are successfully implemented as a result of:

  • Appropriate consultation and communication
  • Project teams understanding the local culture
  • Utilising knowledge of 'how to do business in communities'
  • Well conducted localised evaluations and/or
  • Ensuring the local communities fully understand the requirements of funders for proper accountability.

Proper Way is able to assist organisations, universities, governments and others in maximising outcomes of programs and getting value for money in remote rural and urban communities.

Proper Way Checklist

Click here to download your copy of the ‘Proper Way’ Checklist for engaging a consultancy in Remote Australian regions, to ensure you have ticked all the important boxes when selecting a provider.